In The News

I was proud to be featured in the documentary, “A WAY OUT” which sheds light on domestic violence.  During the 15 years that I worked as a prosecutor, I helped shepherd countless domestic violence victims through the criminal justice system and worked to punish their abusers.

All too often these crimes go unreported because victims feel that nobody will believe them, or that the abuse they are suffering is somehow their fault.

I had the opportunity to participate in this documentary which is a part of this year’s Sarasota Film Festival.  While the Film Festival is being held in a socially-distant online format, the message of “A WAY OUT” is too important not to share: domestic violence is not the fault of the victim, and there is hope for a life of meaning beyond domestic violence.

You can click the image below to learn more about “A WAY OUT” and the Sarasota Film Festival.

Please know, that my commitment to victims of domestic violence is strong as ever.  As your State Attorney, I will continue to fight for these victims and prosecute their abusers to the fullest extent of the law.